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SHAREit For Windows Phone: Now the Windows Phone users can also enjoy file sharing with the SHAREit app for Microsoft Windows. Share any files now without any hassle with SHAREit installed on your windows phone version. Though there are lots of apps available in the store for file sharing, SHAREit App For Windows Phone is the best of all other file sharers. Share without cables wirelessly with SHAREit. Even you don’t require any internet connection while performing the data transfer. Sharing meant quick not only for Android users but also for Windows users with the development of SHAREit for Microsoft platform. Download SHAREit for Windows Phone to enjoy the exchange of files and data at any time. SHAREit app for Windows version made the best choice when one needed to share data.

SHAREit For Windows Phone
SHAREit For Windows Phone

Share all the files and data including pictures, movies, videos, audio, documents, games and other applications with SHAREit installed. All you need is to look for another SHAREit user to share your data. No cable, no data charges and no need to wait for longer hours to share bigger files. Just download SHAREit for your Windows Phone to share data at the fastest speed from your device to other. SHAREit is a cross-platform application that is available for SHAREit APk For Android, SHAREit For iOS, SHAREit For Windows Phone, SHAREit For Windows PC and SHAREit For Mac PC.

SHAREit For Windows Phone-Features:

SHAREit is a powerful application developed to share data between devices. It is the best file sharing application that transfers with the highest speed at any time to any SHAREit user. Listed below are the features of SHAREit app for Windows Phone.

  • SHAREit works with direct Wifi to share the files.
  • User-interface of SHAREit app is straightforward and easy to use.
  • Share the data without needing any external cables.
  • Transfer the files without any internet connection quickly with SHAREit.
  • Transfers unlimited data even with higher size without any restrictions and hassles.
  • SHAREit moves files at speed 200 times the speed of the Bluetooth.
  • Transfers files mutually with your friends with one single click.
  • Share pictures, movie, videos, audio, documents, apps and all other media files without any loss in its quality.
  • Transfer files between phone and PC or vice versa with Connect to PC option.
  • Phone Replicate option allows the SHAREit user to backup and transfer data from the old device to new device.
  • Compatible with all popular platforms and hence sharing files between various devices.
  • SHAREit supports 39 different languages all over the world.

SHAREit App System Requirements:

Minimum Requirements to use SHAREit in a Windows Phone

  • OS: Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8.1, Windows Phone 8
  • Architecture: ARM, x86, x64
  • Touch: Integrated Touch

Download SHAREit App For Windows Phone:

Transferring is made easy now with hands on the SHAREit app on your Windows Phone. Click on the link below to download the latest version of SHAREit app for Windows Phone version.

Download ShareIT

SHAREit Version History (Windows Phone):

Version number: Varies by device

SHAREit ver

  1. fix crash bugs

SHAREit ver

  1. fix UI bugs on WP81

SHAREit ver

  1. fix bugs
  2. increase loading file speed
  3. fix some crash bug
  4. optimize page animation
  5. fix ui bugs

SHAREit ver

  1. Fixed fail to load photo bug on select file page
  2. Optimize UI experience on small screen
  3. Fix scan QR code bug for some devices

SHAREit ver

  1. fix user discover bugs
  2. fix ui bugs
  3. fix send file to pc fail bug

SHAREit ver

  1. fix transmission bug
  2. fix connect android hotspot bug
  3. bring new select content ui for mobile version(UWP)
  4. bring drag file feature for desktop version

SHAREit ver

  1. fix transmission bug
  2. add android hotspot scanner feature (Mobile Version)

SHAREit ver

  1. fix transmission bug
  2. optimization transfer experience

SHAREit ver

  1. fix transmission fail bug with android device
  2. add wifidirect password setting

SHAREit ver

  1. fix transmission crash with lower version(WP81)
  2. fix scan QRCode crash bug for some device
  3. fix some transmission crash with android
  4. adaptive UI for complete report on Desktop version
  5. optimize UI for transmission page
  6. optimize UI for scrollBar
  7. bring Wi-Fi Direct feature

SHAREit ver

  1. fix language bug

SHAREit ver

  1. bring Windows 10 Desktop Version
  2. Add qrcode scanner to connect pc
  3. add send file in transimition page
  4. fix bugs

SHAREit ver

  1. bring Windows 10 Mobile Version

Screenshots of SHAREit For Windows Phone:

SHAREit For Windows Phone
SHAREit For Windows Phone
SHAREit For Windows Phone
SHAREit For Windows Phone
SHAREit For Windows Phone
SHAREit For Windows Phone

Hope the information provided about SHAREit App for Windows Phone is useful to you. Comment us for any queries.

Author: Shareit Admin

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