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SHAREit apk download: The world is moving towards the fastest changes, and it is necessary for anyone to adapt to that change. Technology made things possible which once thought impossible. It is undoubtedly true in the case of file sharing methods too. Sharing data from one device to another was once a complex task. One has to wait for several minutes to transfer a file of smaller size. Later on, applications developed that made file sharing much simpler. SHAREit apk is one among those applications which emerged and ranked itself the top in the Android store. SHAREit app is a cross-platform application that transfers any files at the fastest rate. Specifically, this blog is all about the SHAREit app for Android. Know about the features and free download SHAREit apk for Android from here. Download SHAREit app for Android to avail all the advantages of sharing.



SHAREit is a popular file transferring application that allows the user to send or receive any files. Any SHAREit user can share files between the other SHAREit user. It can transfer files of any size at any time to anyone quickly. Need not wait for minutes to perform moving rather download SHAREit app and transfer within seconds Since it is a cross-platform application, It is a cross-platform application and is available for SHAREit APk For Android, SHAREit For iOS, SHAREit For Windows Phone, SHAREit For Windows PC and SHAREit For Mac PC.

About SHAREit Apk:

SHAREit is the best file sharing application available in the store. The invention of SHAREit made sharing easy. SHAREit transfers files and data in seconds from one device to another. The SHAREit app is free to use application that works even without the internet connection. Anyone who wants to share any type of file need not spend money while transferring. Share files without the need of cables or USB with SHAREit. Share everything from your smartphone to any smartphone or to the PC with the SHAREit app installed on both the devices. There are 600 million users from 200 different countries around the world using the SHAREit app for file sharing. SHAREit is rated as the top file sharing application on Google play in 24 countries and regions.



Bid Cables And Bluetooth:

Earlier, before the invention of file sharing application, we used the traditional method of sharing that include Bluetooth transfer or via external cables. It is difficult to carry a cable all the time for sharing files. Likewise, Bluetooth transfers at a lower rate. It cannot move a bigger size file within seconds. When the file size increases then time to transfer will also increase. Now all these problems were overcome by the SHAREit app. Bid goodbye to the cables and Bluetooth. Start transferring with SHAREit apk.

SHAREit Apk For Android – Features:

SHAREit is the best and most accessible file sharing application available in the Android store. Features available in SHAREit are in numbers. Look at the list of SHAREit features from the below points.

SHAREit Shares Everything

  • With SHAREit installed one could send and receive any files to anyone. Share files like pictures, audio, videos, movies, documents, apps and all that you have.

SHAREit Speed

  • SHAREit can transfer files and data at speed 200 times the speed of the Bluetooth moving speed. Transfer with a speed of 20 M/s.

Unlimited Sharing 

  • There is no limit while transferring data with the SHAREit application.
  • Transfer files of Gigabytes size without any hassle.

Share Without USB

  • SHAREit allows you to perform file moving without the need of any external cable or USB.

Share Without Data

  • SHAREit performs data transfer without using the data connection or wifi connection.

SHAREit Groups

  • Share files and data with more than one person with group sharing option.
  • Connect with friends and start sharing mutual data with one single click.

Connect To PC

  • Transfer files between PC and phone or vice versa with Connect to PC option from SHAREit.

Phone Replicate

  • Backup and transfer all the files and data from the old device to new device with phone replicate of SHAREit application.
  • Transfer SMS, contacts, music, videos, documents and more.

Multi-platform Support

  • SHAREit is a cross-platform application that will work on all the leading variant platforms.

Languages Supported

  • SHAREit is multilingual and hence it supports of about 39 different languages from the world.

New Features In SHAREit Apk:

  • SHAREit has added a feature such that the user can press any file to open it on the Choose File Page.
  • Bugs were fixed to improve the transfer experience.
  • Send text files by taking pictures. The user can also send all types of files.
  • Feeds smoothness is enhanced.

SHAREit Apk Information:

Requires: 2.2 and up

Developer: SHAREit Technologies Co.Ltd

Rating: 4.6/5 Google Play

Download SHAREit Apk For Android:

SHAREit allows you to share all the files and data from the Android with ease without any data or external cable required. download the latest version SHAREit apk for Android.

Pros Of SHAREit Apk:

  • SHAREit allows sharing all types of files and data.
  • Transfers data at faster than faster rate.
  • No data and no cable are required.
  • Simple user-interface.

Cons Of SHAREit Apk:

  • Requires device with SHAREit installed to transfer data.
  • Requires hotspot connection.

Screenshots Of SHAREit Apk:













Hope the article is useful to you in dealing with the SHAREit app. Stay tuned to the Website for more related articles. For any queries about SHAREit apk for Android comment us below.

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