In this complete guide, we are going to give official SHAREit download link – one of the best file transfer apps for smartphone and Desktop.

Here in this official page, we are going to provide the link to SHAREit download for PC, iPhone, Android, Windows Phone as well as Android APK file.

Note : Before going in deep let me tell you that all the tutorials and download link given on this website is genuine and work perfectly but this is not official SHAREit download website or we are in no way associated with the officials of this website.

Let’s start the guide for SHAREit download.

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SHAREit for PC
SHAREit for Android
SHAREit for iPhone
SHAREit Android APK
SHAREit for Windows Phone
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If you really want to download this app for PC or Desktop then we have given the official working download link to the Windows version.
This is the only app developed by Lenovo and it’s available for Desktop also which includes Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 but let me clarify that it’s not yet available for Mac operating system.


  1. Light in size and easy to use.
  2. Connects with Smartphone very easily
  3. User friendly
  4. Works with Wifi enabled Desktop and Laptops


SHAREit App is officially available for all the smartphone which runs on Android OS which includes Samsung, HTC, Lenovo, Sony, etc.

It is available for Android enabled smartphones. The best feature of SHAREit Android app is that transferring files from one Android to another Android phone is possible without the use of bluetooth as this app works on Wi-Fi Tethering technology.
Download SHAREit App for Android

Please follow the link given above to download this app for your Android mobile phone.


If you are an iPhone user then also you are very lucky because this amazing app is also available for iPhone not only that but you can even share or transfer files from iPhone to iPhone and even iPhone to Android, PC or Windows Phone which means inter platform transfer is possible with this great application.
Click here to download for iPhone
If you want to download this app for your iPhone then please refer to the official link which we have given here.


Now you are an Android user but you don’t want to download SHAREit App from Google Play Store because of various reasons, don’t worry we have working solution for this. As we have access to the latest and updated APK file of SHAREit App we have posted the official download link here which you can follow now itself.
SHAREit Download
Download SHAREit APK App Here
There are various problems associated when we need to download any app from Google Play Store like Low Internal memory or any such error which stops you to download app directly. So APK file is good option. Once you download this APK file, click on it to start installation process. It will give you some warning, just ignore it.


As I said before only that this app is universally available for all the platforms including Windows Phone also so that you can download this app and enjoy transferring of files with your friends.

SHAREit Download
Click here to download SHAREit App for Windows phone
You can easily get this app for your Windows Phone including HTC, Nokia Lumia, etc.
shareit windows phone.

I hope that you got the complete list of the official download links and if you faced any kind of issue then please let us know about this as we can solve your problem.

SHAREit Download
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