SHAREit app allows you to share your files with any device. Anytime, anywhere. Download SHAREit app now. SHAREit app is available for mobile and pc devices. If you are an android users, you may download SHAREit app for android device (SHAREit apk with new UI), If you are an ios users, you may download SHAREit app for ios device, If you are an windows phone users, you may download SHAREit app for windows phone. If you want to install SHAREit app for pc, don’t worry because this website SHAREit for pc is especially made for you to download SHAREit app for pc. If you are an windows pc users, you may download SHAREit app for windows pc, download SHAREit for windows 10 pc. If you are an mac users, you may download SHAREit app for mac pc.

SHAREit app:-

Download SHAREit for mac pc.

SHAREit app works on all Windows phone/PC, Android device, and Apple devices (Also, its completely free of cost)

SHAREit app


More to know about SHAREit app:-

SHAREit app allows you to send content including files, photos, video and documents, at lightning fast speed. SHAREit app can send files in seconds, from 1mb to 100gb. Avoid USB devices and in all of them, have a fundamental flaw that allow a malicious hacker to take over your computer! SHAREit app is the safe way to share files among your devices.

PC? Mobile? Tablet? Off the grid?  No problem!
You can SHAREit on all devices even without a network.

Key features of SHAREit app:-

  1. Find friends fast and start sharing.
  2. Enjoy your privacy: files are saved directly on the device — not in the cloud.
  3. Discover other SHAREit users in your range.
  4. Collaborate with others using any operating system.

SHAREit app – android device:-

SHAREit app is one of the top most wanted app in google playstore. SHAREit app has became one of the must have app for mobile devices, since android is the top os in mobile devices. SHAREit app for android has more download than anyother. You can download SHAREit for android directly here (SHAREit apk with new UI).

SHAREit app


SHAREit app –  ios device:-

SHAREit app for ios is the world’s fastest ios app to share photos, videos, musics, contacts and TXT, HTML, WORD,EXCEL,PPT,PDF, etc to another device. Lenovo SHAREit app eliminates the need for cables to wirelessly transfer information rapidly between devices either with friends, or to take your personal content on the go in SHAREit app for ios. Download SHAREit for ios directly by clicking here.

SHAREit app – windows phone:-

SHAREit app for file sharing which is in Windows Phone. Latest SHAREit app release introduces some new features for those who wish to share quickly different files between different devices, without having any active cellular or Wi-Fi connection. SHAREit app made it possible to share files over a hotspot created by a Windows Phone. As well as hotspot support, the new release also comes with a new inbox features to really let you know what you receive and improved performance. Download SHAREit for windows phone directly by clicking the link.

SHAREit app

SHAREit app – windows pc xp/7/8/8.1/10:-

SHAREit app for pc Windows provides the ultimate lightning file transferring speed in between the two devices, SHAREit app for pc is mainly used for sharing the media files like Pictures, Images, Sounds, Musics and Video Files. And essentially Wifi connection wasn’t require for the media files sharing between the devices in SHAREit app for pc. This SHAREit app for pc doesn’t require any clumsy wire’s and cable’s for the media files transferring between the devices. SHAREit app for pc will allow the user’s to share a large number of contents such as images, Audio files, videos, contacts, documents, app with other devices in a fraction of seconds with complete comfort using SHAREit app for pc. Download SHAREit app for pc directly here.

Download SHAREit for windows 10 pc

SHAREit app – mac pc:-

SHAREit app is available for windows pc and other mobile phones like android, ios and windows phone, yet mac users are very eager in using this SHAREit application in their mac pc. In this article, you will find the most easy and fast steps to download and install SHAREit application for mac, desktops and laptops. Since increase in SHAREit application in windows pc, as well as in android smartphones, requirement in mac pc’s are requested by the users. Installing SHAREit for windows pc can be done directly, but SHAREit for mac pc cannot be done directly because SHAREit for mac pc is officially not available for mac os, yet you can still install SHAREit in your mac os. Download SHAREit app for mac pc here.

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