SHAREit For PC Free Download Windows XP/7/8/8.1/10

SHAREit for PC is one of the interesting and exciting file sharing application on your system. The SHAREit application that allows you to use this application in all sort of devices like phones, tablets, computers and more. The app is just working under the direct connection of WiFi, then form the SHAREit PC app you can able to transfer all sort of files and documents such as photos, files, videos, and apps seamlessly from one system to another easily without the help of internet connection. The important core features of the application is a file sharing between devices without the use of cloud storage.

In the SHAREit app you can transfer all your favorite and important files with others the content that includes photos, videos, local music files, documents, and apps directly from your system to any other devices as well as to another computer rapidly. As SHAREit for PC is developed as a cross-platform application, it has do not have a platform barrier because it can able to work on all the devices when the app gets enabled on the device.

SHAREit for PC
SHAREit for PC

Moreover, the app will never send any data through WiFi or Bluetooth. Apart from using this services, the SHAREit PC app will create its WiFi through the hotspot with five different devices like a small network. Here if you have done your connection with some other device once you can send and receive files and documents without any hassle. Moreover, SHAREit for Windows has developed another app that is Clone-it, with this app here you can able to transfer all your files and documents to other devices seamlessly.

Features of SHAREit for PC

The SHAREit application offers you several advanced features to share files between the devices, and they are listed below

Transfer Data: The SHAREit application that lets you transfer all your files and data such as photos, videos, local music files, documents, and apps directly from your system to mobile and vice versa.

Speed: Now SHAREit for PC is considered as a fastest and strong file sharing application, which can transfer content at the rate of 200 times faster than the Bluetooth. Then the app can able to reach the data up to 20Mb per second.

No Internet: Here the SHAREit PC app is working under the direct connection of hotspot with that it can send all sort of file such as photos, files, videos and apps between two or more devices without a using internet connection.

Features of SHAREit
Features of SHAREit for PC

Group: Group transfer is an amazing unique feature of the application, where you can able to transfer file with your friends simultaneously without any hassle. To share the file with the group, you have to send your portal to your friends and family.

Phone Replicate: Phone Replicate designed as an essential feature of the application, with the help of this features you can able to backup and transfer all sort of data from your system to other devices rapidly.

Mobile Connection: SHAREit for PC allows you to transfer files between Mobile to PC easily. The interface of the app allows you to transfer all your files and documents directly from your mobile to PC.

Multi-Platform: SHAREit PC is developed as a cross-platform application it has do not have a platform barrier because it can able to work on all the devices when the app gets enabled on the device.

Other Platforms: SHAREit is available for all types of platforms like AndroidiOS, Windows, Tizen, etc.,

Download SHAREit for PC

Watch the space below for SHAREit PC Specifications

Developer: Lenovo
Release Date: November 2015
Category: File Sharing
Supported Operating Systems: Multi-Platform
Languages: Multiple Languages
License: Freeware

SHAREit is one of the exciting and interesting file sharing application for your system, where you can able to transfer all sort of files and folders from your system to other devices. Now download SHAREit for PC and experience the features of the application.

How to Install SHAREit on PC

To download SHAREit for Windows PC, you have to open the SHAREit home page and just follow the procedures to download SHAREit for PC.

  • First open the Home Site of the SHAREit application, on the home page you can able to see different options given in the top of the screen.
  • Before you click the download button, you have to select the platform that you want to get the app for.
  • In that select the SHAREit download option to get the app on your device.
  • If once you found the Download button just make a click on the Green button.
  • The app will get downloaded on your respective device without any trouble.
  • Once the SHAREit app gets downloaded, it will get installed automatically on your devices as soon as possible, and you can experience the file sharing features of the application.

SHAREit is also available for

As SHAREit is the multiplatform application, you can able to experience the file sharing features. Moreover, the application perfectly fits all sort of devices. The SHAREit app is also available for the following devices.

How to Use SHAREit for PC

The SHAREit application will get download and installed on your device, from the home page of the application. In SHAREit for PC mostly, all the functions of the are similar to the Android app. These are the procedures for using the SHAREit for Windows PC.

How to Use SHAREit
How to Use SHAREit for PC
  • First, open the Home Page of the SHAREit application in that select the Download Option to get the app. Then make a click on the download button and get the app on your devices.
  • Once the SHAREit gets downloaded, it will installed automatically on your preferable device, once the installation procedures have done.
  • You have to log in with registered ID and complete other registration procedures to use the app on your device.
  • Now you can enter into the SHAREit application by using the Gmail ID.
  • Then enter into the application, with that check all the settings of the app and configure the account according to your wish.
  • Here you can able to share all your files and folders without hassler, where the app can able to support all platform for Android, iOS and more.
How to Use SHAREit
How to Use SHAREit for PC

Direct Download Method

You can also directly download SHAREit for PC Windows.

Download SHAREit Directly


SHAREit application is designed as a cross-platform application; it can able to support for all devices sometimes it may create many problems in the app to solve those issues you have to troubleshoot your connection problem with the other computer. Moreover, yet now the application is not using this WiFi and Bluetooth for sharing files, with that the app will create a direct connection with some other system. Then the SHAREit app says that the connection has done through the hotspot. But sometime the app will not explain you to adjust the WiFi connection or settings. Then in the settings menu of the app, you have an option select the hotspot that is “prefer hotspot,” if once you select the option, you can able to send and receive content from your system or device.


Best Alternatives to SHAREit

SHAREit is the excellent file sharing application for your devices. Here you can able to share all your file and documents between two devices or between two systems and more without any hassle. The app has many alternatives in the market; here we have some of the alternatives for the SHAREit application.

Zapya: Zapya is the amazing replacing application to SHAREit for PC. Zapya is now working as the fastest file transfering application; where you can able to share files wirelessly.

Xender: Xender is one of the best file sharing application, which is one of the amazing alternative apps to SHAREit for pc windows xp. Here you can able to transfer all sort of file without trouble.

Superbeam: Superbeam working as the effective app for file sharing on your Android device. It is one of the wonderful replacing application for SHAREit for Windows 10. Where you will transfer files only with the help of QR code.

CShare: CShare is the amazing alternative application for SHAREit PC Download. Here you can able to share files between two devices easily and seamlessly without any issues.

Top 5 Reviews of SHAREit

“I can share all my data from my system to my hand device wirelessly through SHAREit for pc download easily” – Nadia

“I really wonder about this app; I can use all the features of the app in both mobile as well as on my mobile” – Xavier

“I feel that SHAREit for Windows xp is the best file sharing application for both system and mobile, we can share all files through this app” – Amy

“My kids using this app for sharing their videos, with friends and neighbours, they are really more happy to use this app” – Francis

“For the trial, I installed it on my system after seeing the swift feature of the app I use only SHAREit for file sharing” – Mandy