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SHAREit For PC | SHAREit PC Download: With hands on the smartphones, (SHAREit For PC Windows) we would come across many applications from the store. SHAREit For PC Download. Sharing or transferring of data is simple with the invention of file-sharing applications. There are lots of apps available and one needs to choose the right app. SHAREit For Windows is the best-known file transferring app available in the Play Store. It is an Android application with which made file transfers easy. Sharing data is never made simple without the invention of SHAREit. In precise, this blog deals all about download SHAREit For Windows PC. One must have file sharing application for any desktop is the SHAREit. SHAREit for the PC version satisfies all your sharing needs. Transfer data from or to desktop within seconds now quickly by downloading the SHAREit app for PC free. Get into to know more about SHAREit for Windows PC, features of SHAREit app and steps to free download SHAREit for PC from this article.



SHAREit transfers files and data within seconds between devices. It is free to download and share application. SHAREit can transfer any types of files, data, apps, movies, audio, video, documents and much more. SHAREit competes with all other famous file sharing applications regarding the transfer speed. It is a cross-platform application and is available for SHAREit APk For Android, SHAREit For iOS, SHAREit For Windows Phone, SHAREit For Windows PC and SHAREit For Mac PC.

SHAREit For PC – An Overview:

Once sharing data from one device to another took hours. But technology brought things closer and made access to them faster. SHAREit App is one such file sharing technology that made transferring straightforward and speedy. It made the technology users exit from the traditional file sharing methods. One need not stick with the external USB or Bluetooth anymore.

SHAREit App helps you with the best of file sharing experience. Need not wait for long hours to share the important stuff. Any SHAREit user could share files of unlimited size at a faster than faster rate. No need for cables rather SHAREit transfers data wirelessly with SHAREit app. One need not spend bucks to move data via the internet. Just download SHAREit app on your devices and enjoy sharing.

SHAREit For Windows PC:

SHAREit is an Android app used as a file transferring application designed for Android smartphones. One could use SHAREit on the desktop versions too with an emulator installed on the PC. Experience the look and feel while sharing with PC as like the mobile version. You could share data between PC to PC or between PC to smartphones. All you need is the SHAREit for Windows 8 installed on both the devices. Any SHAREit user can share files like pictures, audio, videos, documents, apps, movie and much more from the desktop version. Drag and drop the files you wish to transfer from the desktop.



SHAREit can be used in desktops only when an android emulator is installed. An Android emulator will allow the Android application to run on the PC. There are many emulators available in the market, and one could choose from them. Given below are the features available in SHAREit for Windows 10 PC. Check it out to know them and download SHAREit directly from the later section of this article.

Download SHAREit APk For Android, SHAREit For iOS, SHAREit For Windows Phone, SHAREit For Windows PC and SHAREit For Mac PC.

SHAREit For PC – Features:

SHAREit is rated as the world’s fastest cross-platform file transfer tool that has the following features. SHAREit for PC is worth having on one’s desktop to transfer wirelessly.

1. Share All Data: SHAREit shares all types of files whenever and wherever. Share files like photos, music, video, documents, apps, and games.

2. Speed: SHAREit Windows transfers at speed 200 times the speed of Bluetooth. The highest speed in transferring the data reached 20 M/s.

3. No USB: Share without any external cables or USB with SHAREit app.

4. No Data: No need of an internet connection to transfer any files.

5. No Network: Share the data at anytime from anywhere even without the network connection.

6. Group Sharing: Share files and data between friends now with SHAREit. Enter the portal and start sharing with your buddies.

7. Connect To PC: Transfer files between phone and PC with Connect to PC option.

8. Phone Replicate: Backup and transfer data from the old device to new device with phone replicate option.

9. Cross-Platform: SHAREit works with different platforms such as in Android OS, iOS, and Windows OS.

10. Languages Supported: Supports multi lingual languages of about 39 languages from around the world.

SHAREit Working Nature:

Like the traditional methods, SHAREit does not require any cable to transfer files between devices. Even the Bluetooth would fail with the speed and quality of file sharing. SHAREit App for PC works with direct Wifi connection. i.e., When a user intends to share data via SHAREit PC then the app automatically scans for the available SHAREit connection. Irrespective of the platforms, SHAREit only checks for another SHAREit signal to establish a secured connection. If found then the user can connect with the required person to transfer data. It takes only seconds to transfer any files with any size without any loss in its quality. In the same way, one could send and receive any number of files absolutely for free. Note that all these processes do not require any internet connection and external cables. Use SHAREit Download PC by turning on the hotspot connection.

Download SHAREit Apk For Android Free

SHAREit For PC download for Windows XP /Vista /7 /8 /8.1 /10:-

SHAREit for Windows PC is the best file sharing application; It is a user-friendly application, so it is very easy to use.

By clicking the link below you can download SHAREit For Windows 7, SHAREit For Windows 8/8.1, SHAREit For Windows 10
download SHARE it for PC.

Download SHAREit for Windows 10 PC

SHAREit For Other Devices:


SHAREit For Mobile Devices:

Steps To Download SHAREit For PC Using BlueStacks:

You need to have an Android emulator installed to run an Android application. BlueStacks is the best Android app player available for PCs. Download BlueStacks from the official link before downloading SHAREit.

Step 1: Install the BlueStacks on your desktop once it downloaded.

Step 2: Open BlueStacks app player on your PC.

Step 3: Go to search icon in the BlueStacks app and type SHAREit.SHAREit For PC

Step 4: Click on the search icon to search for the app from Play Store.

Step 5: Now the list of apps available from the store along with SHAREit will be shown.

Step 6: Click on the SHAREit icon to start downloading the app.SHAREit For PC

Now go to MyApps section in the BlueStacks app, and you could find SHAREit installed on your desktop.

Click on the SHAREit app to start sharing the data between devices.

SHAREit For PC Windows using YouWave:-

Step 1: First of all, you need to download YouWave’s installer file. It is in offline format and available at this official website. Download SHAREit for PC now.

Step 2: Double click on the file when it’s downloaded completely and start following on-screen instructions as you see in there. It will not take more than 3 minutes to get software ready.

Step 3: Once ready, start it and choose a Free Trial option from the first interaction.

Step 4: Launch Browser app then and open website of Google play store, then use its search tool to find SHAREit PC application.

Step 5: Once found, click on the app and click on install option ahead of it then. Finally, log in to a Google account when asked to.

SHAREit Old Versions:

SHAREit For Windows

Screenshots of SHAREit For PC:







SHAREit For PC Free Download Video Tutorial:-

Hope the article is useful to you in dealing with SHAREit for PC. If you have any queries regarding SHAREit for PC free download, comment us below.

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