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Download SHAREit for all your SHAREit For Windows PC/Phone, SHAREit Apk For Android, and SHAREit For iOS/ MAC devices!

SHAREit Download

Amazing Features of SHAREit For PC

Share photos, videos, music, files, documents and more between all of your devices.

SHAREit For PC Windows

Drop the USBs, emails and text messages, SHAREit is the innovative way to transfer files in a flash.

SHAREit Download

SHAREit Apk Android

Send Your Files Without Using Mobile Data Using SHAREit App

  • Transfer files, photos, videos, documents and more
  • No matter the size of your file or folder, SHAREit will transfer it from your phone to PC or PC to phone within seconds.
  • No need for WiFi, cables or mobile data charges, SHAREit will send your files easily and conveniently.
Download SHAREit Apk


SHAREit is great for PC to PC transfers too! Simply choose your friend or colleague and begin transferring content back and forth between devices.

Download SHAREit For IOS

SHAREit For Windows Phone

  • Share school work from your home PC to your laptop.
  • Share your work with classmates or coworkers.
  • Send your boss or instructor your assignments at a quick speed.
Download SHAREit For WP


TRANSFER MUSIC, VIDEO, PHOTO AND DOCUMENT FILES almost instantly between your PCs, phones and tablets.

Download SHAREit For MAC

SHAREit For PC Blog

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FAQ about SHAREit App

Q1) What is SHAREit?

It is an application that enables you to transfer Documents, files, videos, music and much more between Phones, tablets and PC.

Q2) Do you need a cell phone carrier mobile data plan to transfer files?

No you don’t! SHAREit uses the available WiFi network to connect with other user. You don’t need any mobile data or USB cables.

Q3) What if I want to clone my device data?

With SHAREit CLONEit, you can take a backup of your contacts, messages, applications and other files. For this you have to download CLONEit from Google Play store or from its official website.

Q4) Which brands of devices does it supports?

It is compatible with all platforms  : Mac, Android, Lenovo, HP, Dell, Samsung, Xiaomi, coolpad, Vivo, Sony, Huawei and Oppo.

Q5) How can users share their feedback on SHAREit?

SHAREit windows application and phone has an “Option” tab in which you will find a Feedback link to submit your “reviews”. But please remember that only handful of feedbacks can be answered at a time.

Q6) Can I share a whole folder with other devices?

Yes you can! Once you choose file transfer, file browser will open, choose the file to transfer and press send.

Q7) I have SHAREit on my device, but can’t connect with others?

To connect with other devices, make sure that:

  • Both the devices have SHAREit launched and it is running successfully.
  • You have selected different roles, like one of you is the sender and the other is the receiver
  • Both devices have their Wireless radios on.

Q8)  Can I share files between different operating systems like Android to Apple?

Yes you can share files between various operating systems like from Android to Windows, from Windows to Apple and vice versa.

Q9) How can I invite other friends to use SHAREit?

Just click on “Invite friends” link, this will send them instant e mails to join in for SHAREit application.

Q10) Can other SHAREit users share files with my device without my permission?

No, they can’t. The receiver has to accept the connection invitation before sharing the files.

Q11) I can’t transfer files though my SHAREit is running successfully?

You need to update the app to the latest version or move to a connection where there is less interference.

Q12) Why does SHAREit use a QR code to connect with your personal phone?

SHAREit uses a QR code to form connection for a safe and secure file transfer procedure. It is totally encrypted. A lot of information is used to connect two devices therefore, the QR code helps the device to recognize your phone connection.

Q13)  What is the benefit of using secure mode over easy mode?

Secure mode lets you enter a password while transferring a file. This tells SHAREit to encrypt the transmission between the users and the device.

Q14) What type of files can we share?

You can share any type of file like Video, song, document, photos and much more.

Q15) Does iOS support off network sharing?

No, till now iOS does not support off network sharing. To get file on your iOS device you have to be on the same network with the same SSID.

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